Piper "Torque" Nash

Tough and hardy former military mechanic


Driver Skill: +3 (40-points)
Cyclist Skill: 0 (10-points)
Trucker Skill: 0 (10-points)
Pilot Skill: 0 (10-points)
Boat Pilot Skill: 0 (10-points)
Hover Pilot Skill: 0 (10-points)
Gunner Skill: +2 (30-points)
Handgunner Skill: +1 (20-points)
Running Skill: +1 (20-points)
Martial Arts Skill: 0 (10-points)
Paramedic Skill: 0 (10-points)
Mechanic Skill: +3 (40-points)

Prestige: 1
Money: $1,000
Defense Class: 9
Wounds: 3

Body Armor (3 Hit Points)
Light Pistol (1 Hit damage, 8 shots)
Submachine Gun (1d damage, 10 shots, half damage to vehicles)
Bowie Knife (1d-2 damage, no damage to vehicles)
2 x Thermite Grenades (1d damage to all targets, 1 square radius)


“There’s no problem an application of enough force can’t solve!” – Piper “Torque” Nash on the dispersal of fortified rebels occupying Copley Square.

Piper is a survivor. Raised on the high octane fumes of the race circuit, Piper spent her youth burning out engines almost as fast as she built them. She learned at an early age that she was safest while on the move, and spent her formative years jumping from one race to the next.

This all changed when her parents were caught in a bombing, causing Piper to hit the brakes for the first time and return home. She enlisted in the local milita more out of guilt than a sense of revenge, and eventually began looking for a viable retirement opportunity.

This is where she met Denver, another soul seeking opportunities outside the yoke of military command. Though hesitant, Piper decided to take a chance and followed Denver into the unforgiving private sector.

While her survival instincts still kick in from time to time telling her to run, she remains hopeful that this new chapter of her life might finally give her a sense of family she’s never had.

Piper "Torque" Nash

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