Johnny Denver

Cool-headed and suave former militia soldier


Driver Skill: +3 (40-points)
Cyclist Skill: +1 (20-points)
Trucker Skill: 0 (10-points)
Pilot Skill: 0 (10-points)
Boat Pilot Skill: 0 (10-points)
Hover Pilot Skill: 0 (10-points)
Gunner Skill: +3 (40-points)
Handgunner Skill: +1 (20-points)
Running Skill: 0 (10-points)
Martial Arts Skill: +1 (20-points)
Paramedic Skill: 0 (10-points)
Mechanic Skill: +1 (20-points)

Prestige: 1
Money: $1,000
Defense Class: 9
Wounds: 3

Body Armor (3 Hit Points)
Light Pistol (1 Hit damage, 8 shots)
Assault Rifle (1d+1 damage, 10 shots, half damage to vehicles)
Tanto Knife (1d-2 damage, no damage to vehicles)
2 x Thermite Grenades (1d damage to all targets, 1 square radius)


Johnny Denver

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